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Let’s talk Ego

Let’s talk Ego.
Not the bullshit notion of Ego…where it is some wounded monster we have to wrestle with and kill in order to live some spiritual life of bliss and blahblah.
Let’s talk about the real Ego.
The eye of the human experience.
The one who moves.
And talks.
And decides and sees.
The Ego was once whole and complete.
But every trauma.
Every issue.
The ego splits and splits.
Into different facets.
With different stories.
Different aches.
Different lusts.
The Ego, by it’s nature, is limited.
But it’s not bad.
It’s the membrane that holds the human experience intact.
Without it, we might bleed into the ethers.
Losing ourselves to nothing.
The Ego’s greatest service is as gatekeeper.
A gatekeeper to the full expression and experience of our wholeness.
A deeper essence of who we truly are call us forward.
The Ego hears it.
Both craves it and runs from.
See, the Ego wants to know.
Wants to remember.
Wants to surrender to Adventure of the Soul.
But it is scared.
The Ego is a very human being…unknowing of the ultimate connection.
Or, when learning of that connection, it uses it to create peace at all costs.
It feels fear when asked to trust.
To fall into the next level.
It wants surety.
To know it will be caught.
It can’t understand the path that is unfurling before it.
It wonders, “If I jump into the abyss, will I die?
Will I lose myself?
Will I still be seen?
The Ego takes on it’s vilification.
Believing it is bad.
Bad to have the human desires of desire.
Bad to want and ache.
So it holds on, because it wants what it wants so beautifully.
It does its job, no matter how much it fights with itself.
But it also hears the call.
The pulse of the Electric Creative Wholeness.
The meeting point in our consciousness, where human and divine are one.
And when our Ego…when we…are willing to love all the fears that stop us from stepping into the grandness of who we truly are…
The Ego opens the gate.
The Ego gets to love the Ego.
The act of love does not dissolve the Ego.
It expands it.
Calls it back into wholeness…
And so much more.
The Ego becomes more than the sum of its parts.
It’s becomes The Electric Creative Wholeness.
We become.
Over and over again.
Through the act of love.
And the Ego gets to know that it, as it is, is love.

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