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The Truth of Self Love

Loving every part of who I am is not a way to coddle myself.
To excuse shitty behavior.
To do some sort of spiritual bypass…
“Oh I don’t have to look or feel or anything because I love myself as I am.”
I don’t love myself to fix anything.
I don’t do it make myself better.
I don’t do it turn a blind eye to any shit that is just not working.
It’s not done out of weakness.
It’s not done to hide.
Or runaway.
I don’t get all tangled in the stories.
Or the well worn grooves that spiral in only on themselves.
I love every fucking piece of who I am because that is the path.
The doorway.
The entry point to who I am.
Into my truth.
My power.
My wholeness.
I cannot fight a war and stand in my majesty.
Yell and scream and all that bullshit.
It doesn’t work.
That part that want’s to fight…it’s just some other part of me thinking that it’s the Queen.
When it’s not.
It’s just a part.
A part that wants control.
It’s not my truth.
Not my wholeness.
I get this life.
I am not going to spend it living from a part of me.
Not when the All Of Who I Am is waiting right there.
Any part that wants to wage war on my being is not ME.
And I will love that part.
Because I can.
Because that act, brings me right back to center.
Because the act of loving anchors me deep into the truth of who I am.
From there, I act.
I create.
I destroy.
I work with whatever needs to be worked with.
I don’t let parts of me take over.
I reign supreme.

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