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You can’t be more spiritual

You cannot be more or less spiritual.
No matter how much meditation, yoga or vision questing you do…you won’t be better than someone else at being spiritual.
You are a spiritual being…alive in this human experience.
It is simply the nature of who you are.

You can, however, do this human thing better.
You can be more loving.
More willing.
More YOU than ever fucking before.

You can stop the wars in your noggin.
Stop the wars in your world.
You can serve and connect and create and make epic magic for all the souls dancing in their own human experiences.
You can cultivate your happiness.
Your joy.
Your mighty FUCK YES.

You can use your incredible humanity to connect to your divinity.
To remember who you are.
To stand in your wholeness.
To feel connected to the adventure of your soul.
To heal from the roots.
To really live.

Your spiritual nature is a forgone conclusion.
Your humanity is yours for the crafting.
What are you going to do with it?

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