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Ending the War Within

I have a no war policy within my consciousness.
I am willing and able to love every part of my Self. Truly.
I am not perfect in that platitude filled self-help guru kinda way…I have my moments. And when I do, I love my Self.

I tell people this and I teach them to do the same.
Lots of times, they say they can’t.
They can’t love that part that is angry. Or that fucked up. Or that calls them a fuck up.
They can’t love the parts that seem weak. Or Lazy. Or whine too much.
They can’t love the part who hates everything that falls outside of the narrow band of rightness.
They won’t love the voices inside that hurt them so.
They tell me that if they do, these behaviors that are so sinful will be reinforced.
Chaos will run amok.
They will never escape the pain.
They will never get the Human Experience they want.
They have to fight or the shit will win.

So, I ask them, “how’s that working for you?”.
“Are you winning the war?”
Because they aren’t.
They never will.
They are only fighting themselves…and if one part loses, they all lose.
The fact that there is a war at all, means the shit has already won.

You can’t fight yourSelf to happiness.
To worth.
To success.
You can’t battle your Self and win.

Also True:
When we are willing to love every single part of OurSelves just as we are, those parts get the experience of being loved.
Without condition.
They get to know that no matter how far from The Wholeness they feel, they are still embraced.
They get the one thing they have always wanted…you.
You become The Lover.
You become The Beloved.
You become more of your Self than you had been before.
Then, you do different.
When you end the war, you get to hear the true Invitations of your Soul.

Want to know how to end the war?
Contact me below and I will show the the first step of taking dominion.

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