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Do Not Bypass the Human Experience


Over the course of my adventures in healing and living, I have sure as fuck engaged in Spiritual Bypass…because I didn’t want to deal.
I didn’t want to feel.
I wanted to skip the end where it was all rainbows and sunshine.
I wanted to live in the All is One.
In the haze of Everything happens for a reason.
I wanted to live in some magical cosmic truth where I wasn’t hurting and all was as it should be.
I held onto my Spiritual Bypass with all my might. I closed my eyes. Held my breath. Created vision boards. Spouted my “wisdom”. I prayed and wished and believed that if I could just think the right thoughts then everything would be ok.
It wasn’t ok.
I wasn’t ok.
And for all my magical thinking, nothing really changed…until I did the work.

It is so easy to rush the end. To attach ourSelves to someone’s grand spiritual beliefs, in hopes that all pain is erased and life is honky-dory. But in doing so, we close our eyes to what is. We negate our experiences. When we tell other people that they need to abandon the negativity, find the blessing and all the crap, we negate their experiences too.
That sort of spiritual bypass is happening over and over. It happens in our Selves. I see it happening when it comes to the feelings & experiences of women of color, people of color and women in general. It is not ok. It is not of service. It isn’t ok to do it to ourselves. And it sure as hell not ok to force that onto anyone else.

Here is what I know:
No one who as actually had a sliver of the experience of KNOWING that we are one. KNOWING that we are here, invited, on purpose.
KNOWING what LOVE does…
asks anyone to rush to the end. NO ONE.
When you get a glimpse…and truly that is all we can get of the grand mystery…you know that there is no end to rush to. You don’t want to control anyone’s story.
You don’t want to erase anyone’s experience because it is painful, uncomfortable or whatever.
When you get that glimpse you are here for the moment.
In service of the moment.
In service of that Love that so many tout yet refuse to stand in.
When you get a glimpse you are willing to be with someone as they are. Where they are. In service to the Adventure of their Soul…not the one you think they should be on.
You get a glimpse by doing the work. And knowing that the work does not stop…even when you think you are over it and that life is all about being in that Oneness. Because, again, anyone who actually got that glimpse, knows how they got that glimpse. Knows they are special because of it. Knows they are the one…and one with the pain of others as well as the joy.
That glimpse…that knowing…it is shown to you as you destroy and dismantle the stories that have kept you locked away in illusion. The glimpse is hard won.

We are called to be Warriors. And with our blade we cut through the bullshit and illusions. And the illusion is not that we are separate, it’s that there is an end we need to rush to.

Ready to let go of the bypass? Join me on a weeklong adventure into the Soul of your Self.

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