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Healing is as much about destruction as it is about creation.

21731727_10155520104295155_9191518390892404644_oHealing is as much about destruction as it is about creation.
In fact, it’s usually way more destruction than creation.
Healing requires that we dismantle the stories and structures that keep our truth locked away.
We make the ground beneath us shift, wildly…until the walls crumble.
The creation piece usually comes after…when there is once again, the space to build from your truth.
I used to be terrified of destruction. I heard its call and I ran the other way.
Because I felt like I had given up so much.
I was exhausted from trying and figuring.
I could not stomach the thought of giving up one more thing.
But really, I was tired from holding the scaffolding…the illusion, the stories, the pain…in place.
When I gave in, and allowed sacred destruction to carry me forward…I began to become who I had always been.
I almost called my work, The Destruction Sessions because destruction is at the heart of what I do…so that we can to heart of who you are.
We strip away what is not of you…and help you stand in your Wholeness.
From there, you create what it is that is truly the calling of your Soul.
I work Root to Core to Crown…it’s the path we move was we heal.
As we live.
Every stage requires destruction.
The Roots are our past and the stories we are tangled in. We destroy what is no longer truth. We plant new roots, that nourish us fully.
The Core is what we are experiencing and creating right here in the present. We destroy the patterns that keep us stuck. We carve new grooves, answering the invitations of our Soul.
The Crown is the vision we hold for the we bring our selves and creations to the world. We destroy what is in the way of our clear sight. We create a pathway to connect with the Soul of All That Is.
And we do it all with love.
Love as the blade.
Love as the guide.
Love as the nourishment.
When the call of destruction whispers in your ear…listen.
Follow it.
Allow yourself to shed the skin of what was, so that you can become more and more of who you have always been.
If it calls to you…if you are ready to let go of what has been, and step into the possibilities of your Self and your Soul, then message me.
Let’s talk. You and me and 30 minutes of exploration. It’s a taste of the experience of what I do… and a space for you to step deeper into the Wholeness that is who you are.

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