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What Hides in Our Shadows

23116679_10155639386870155_2570056077436776873_oThe shadow…our shadow…is not a wasteland of painful things and terrible qualities.
The shadow is made up of all that is unclaimed.
Unacknowledged in our consciousness.
And let’s face it, for too many, that is their power.
Their voice.
Their strength.
Their knowing.
Their intuition.
Listen, we know the shit we do wrong. We may not say it out loud. We may pretend it doesn’t exist. We may hide the stories of brokenachingunworthy, but we know them. Intimately. They are not in shadow. They are in the way.
The shadow is what we close our eyes to.
Yes, there may be hidden pieces of hurt that must be reckoned in the path of reclamation.
There maybe deep roots that needs to be seen, destroyed, re-planted.
There maybe opportunities to admit things to ourselves that we wish we didn’t have to.
Yet within that is a magic we thought we lost eons ago.
Just because we turn away from the shadow does not make it scary.
The room is not dark because we have blinders on.
The shadow is where the possibilities of who we are live.
And if you are willing to open your eyes, the brilliance that you pushed away out of fear of being too much, too big, too seen will show itself to you…and you can know that truth that has whispered to you, begging to be seen:
You are whole.

Ready to see what your shadow holds? Spend a week with me and reclaim your power. 

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