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You Can’t Be More Spiritual

You can’t be more Spiritual. You can’t be less either.
You are spiritual as you are human.
You are.
It’s who you are. Who I am. Who they are.
Yes, even them.
It is the nature of your beingness. Our beingness.
You are the Soul made manifest.
And when you strive to be more spiritual, you are striving to be good.
To be better
To prove your worth by the exalted nature of a connection that is as ordinary as breath.
Yes, you can nurture your experience, so that the love of it all pours from your being.
Yes, you can seek the mystic and know wonders that electrify your presence.
Yes, you can adventure to the heart of stillness and rediscover questions for which there are no answers.
Yes, you can know God.
But none of that will make you more or less spiritual than you are…and they are…right now.

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