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What’s Present?

Back in the day, when talking to prospective clients, I used to ask people what they wanted.
What they longed for.
What they wishedhopedprayed for their life to be.
I would ask and we would explore what was in the way and how I could help them make it all so.

I don’t ask that question anymore.
I don’t care.
I don’t care because almost always, what people tell me they want is not what they really want.
It’s want they think will make things better.
What they think will make it hurt less.
What they think will finally make them worthy. Good. Enough.

I don’t care about what people think they want.
I care about what is in the way of them knowing who they are.
I care about what is tangling them…dragging them under.
I care about what roots are nourishing them…what stories are feeding them.
I care about the ways they feel stuck and far and lost from the rich, wild electric truth of their being.
I care about how they are doing in the adventure of becoming exactly who they have always been.

These days, I want to know who someone is.
I want to know what is.
These days, when talking to prospective clients…or really anyone…I ask…what’s present.
Because that is what I care about.
That is what will lead us home.

So…what is present for you today?

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