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There is so much more than happy

Sometimes people will come talk to me and want to know if they will be happy.
If they heal this issue, follow that dream, figure out what they are “supposed” do…will they be happy.
And I say no.
Probably not.

Because happy is small potatoes.
Happy is one of many things you get to feel as you traverse this Human Experience.
Happy is a small slice of the Adventure.
And if you are going for happy, you are going to fail.
Because sometimes things are hard.
And tangled up in stories of not enough and too much and more than we can ever know.

As you untangle it all, it may hurt.
You may feel anger.
As you choose what to do and create and live in ways that are in deep accordance to your Soul, you may feel fear rise up from the depths.
There might stuckness…even rage.

With all that, you may also feel an aliveness that pulses through you like an electrical current.
You may feel grounded and present and deeply connected to every breath ever taken ever.
You may feel blissed out in love or anchored to the grief of letting go.
Chances are you are going to feel a lot of things as you heal, create, choose.

Finding some mythical purpose won’t make you happy.
Fixing something you thing is wrong won’t do it either.
Happy will come and go, like every other emotion that ripples through your being.

You can make choices that bring you closer to your Self.
That let you heal from the roots.
That light you up and illuminate aches you didn’t even know where there.
This Human Experience is an adventure.
It has never been a straight line from here to there where there equals a pot of gold and everlasting happiness.
That’s ok. That’s magnificent.
Let the adventure carry you and don’t worry about happy.
Do the work, heal to your roots, create things you love, make choices, take chances, find magic, burn it to ethers, rediscover it all over again.
Keep it up.
Because when you let go of the fear that you might not be happy, you might just find out how much else is out there.

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