401-e1398117437491I am the Siren.
Calling you forward.
Into the depths.
Into your Self.

I am the Guide.
On the Adventure.
Of your Soul.
Bringing you to the edge.
And watching as you dance in the eternal pulse of Love.

I am the Spark.
The wild truth of who you are.
The eternal essence of your being.

My work is sharp.
I wield a sword to cut away the illusions.
And leave you in the light of your wholeness.

My work is deep.
Rounded with love.
My work is a place to become.
Who you have always been.
I show up.
For you.
For me.
I show up. Always.

I’ve got some fancy degrees.
(B.A. in Writing and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology in case you’re interested.)
And I know what really matters lives beyond a piece of paper.
It lives in the experiences.
Of the hundreds of people I have gotten to sit with.
To work with.
To create miracles with.
It lives in my willingness to walk my talk.

I take my job seriously.
I laugh constantly.
I believe that pleasure is the language of the soul.
I let my YES guide me.
I appreciate…
I love all of who I am.
I love all of who you are.

I am committed to standing in my Wholeness and seeing yours.
I am committed to following my pleasure, following my YES.
I am committed to creating an amazing human experience in accordance with the Adventure of my Soul.
I am committed to Love!