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Every moment. Every day. Our soul issues an invitation.
Just for us.
One that we are here to answer.
One that has the power to guide us deeper into our truth.
Deeper into the amazingness of our human experience.

Discerning the invitation is not always easy.
We get caught up in life and forget to slow down.
Forget to listen to the knowing that lives within.

I created the Electric Creative Oracle Deck as a tool.
A way to listen to your Self. Your Soul.
A way to hear the invitations that are calling to you.

Each card offers an invitation.
It shares with you the current calling of your Soul.
Each card offers wisdom to glean and pathways to explore.
There are also questions that will allow you to dive deeper into the power of the invitation.

When we follow the call of our Soul, magic happens.
We connect with a power and truth that is at your core.
We stop struggling with what is and embrace the gift that is being offering.
Most of all, by saying YES to our Soul we become more of who we were always meant to be.

The Electric Creative Oracle Deck features 44 cards, each with powerful invitation showing you were your Soul is inviting your next.
The deck comes with a drawstring back to keep the cards safe and sound. In service to keeping the costs down, they do not come with a box.


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  1. 5 out of 5


    I love these cards and keep them near my favorite reading chair. They are different from other decks I’ve used, for sure. Each bold-colored card (I like bold!) is an invitation into the moment. An invitation to get clearer, aliver, and truer. To go deeper in loving all of myself. It’s like Jo Anna has distilled some of her strongest teachings into these cards, ready and waiting for me to select one anytime I want a bit of life enhancement. And the energy of them is a jolt of electric love, too. Very supportive!

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