Stop trying to fix.
What you think is broken.
With you.
Stop the war.
Stop the fighting inside your being.
And love.

Yes love.
Oh so simple.
Not that easy.

Because we are trained to think that we can only love the parts of us that seem good.
It’s harder to accept the parts that feel helpless.
Or weak.
We can’t love the parts that cry in anger.
We can’t love the parts that are jealous or needy or downright

Well that is bullshit.
Oh yes.
Because every piece of you is a piece of YOU.
And you, at your core, are love.
You in your wholeness are love.
And it is about fucking time you live like that.
It’s about fucking time you loved your Self.
All of your Self.

I’m not talking self-care here.

No massages, pep-talks about worthiness or soft-focus lighting.
I’m talking radical, epic, amazing LOVE.
Deep to the bones acceptance of all of who you are.
In service to ending the war.
In service to healing the past.
In service to becoming to absolute truth of who you are.

Join me for the Project of Loving: A guided 32 day adventure.

It’s free…
because I think everyone should have this experience.

For 32 days you’ll engage in a simple process…
what I call The Process of Loving.

Each day, you’ll receive an email.
With an invitation.
To dive deep into your Self.
And love.
A part of who you are.
All of who you are.
No experience necessary…

I will guide you each step of the way.

And with that, things change.
They do.
I have seen it.

Over and over.
The war ends.

The inner push and pull over who you are ceases.
Healing happens.
Clarity unfurls itself.
Because in the Process of Loving, you become the Lover.

You become the Beloved.

You get to stand in the Electric Creative Wholeness of WHO YOU ARE.
You give your Self what you need…and you get to live in the epic truth of your SELF.

What else you need to know:

Like I said you will get an email from me every day with instructions.
Each day we will love…
each day we will explore.

The Process is SUPER SIMPLE. Promise.
Between reading the email and doing the Process of Loving, you will probably spend 5 minutes a day on this work.
If you show up, it will AMAZING.

We will not use the Process of Loving as a tool to fix what we think is broken.
There is no need to.
This work is about knowing your Wholeness.

This Project will be for peeps who are new to the inner work as well as folks who are used to such deep dives…
and everyone in between.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you…it’s potent stuff.

If you are ready, you can sign up now!

Who I am?

Jo Anna.
Jo Anna Rothman, MA if we are getting all fancy.
I call people forward into the truth of who they are.
I guide people on the adventure of their soul.
I help people conjure up amazing human experiences.

Why I am doing this Project?

Because this who I am.
This is what I do.
I Love.
I teach love.
It is as the core of my work.
I have taught this process to hundreds of people.
I have seen their worlds shift.
I use it every day.
And I am so fucking exciting to share it with you.