The Receiving Project is a 32 day free course, designed to show you how to receive all the gifts life is offering you.

And let me tell you…there is a lot!

Over these 32 days, you will receive a present everyday.

Yep! Everyday.

While that is happening, you will learn how to receive.

No more begging off gifts, compliments, help and love.

It’s time for you to be as good at receiving as you are giving!

In this new and improved Receiving Project, we will dive into:

  • All the old stories that have held you back from receiving!
  • How to ask for what you desire!
  • All the ways receiving can electrify your human experience!
  • How to see everything that comes as a gift to be used!
  • How to receive the gifts you really want!
  • AND SOOOOO much more!!

Everyday for these 32 days, you’ll receive an invitation from me.

Filled with love.


And an opportunity to open your fabulous self up to gifts that at your feet.

There will also be weekly calls, where you can receive guidance, support and tons of love.

Did I mention that it’s free!?

We are going to be doing this live…as a group.

It’s going to be super fun.

Each day you’ll get an assignment in your email.