You’ve done the work.
Read the books.
You’ve journalled and visioned and tried to surrender.
And yet, you can’t seem to shake the old ways of being and step into the Human Experience you know is waiting.

It feels like something…everything…is in the way.
The blocks may feel like they have been with you forever, woven into the tapestry of your Soul.
You know the stories you tell yourself…of not enough, too much, unworthy…and don’t know how to get untangled.

Maybe you find that you can only get so far in creating what you want, before it all comes tumbling down…before you hit the same walls that the keep you keeping you away from knowing your Wholeness.

This journey was created for you.
My work is the path of sacred destruction.
Dismantling all that is not your truth.
So that your essence…your electric, creative wholeness can rise…allowing you create what is you desire.

Living an Amazing Human Experience is your birthright.
You get to end the war in your being.
You get to let go of the old stories.
You get to create a life based on your pleasure rather than your need to please.

Join me for 1 week  exploration into the essence of your being.

This weeklong virtual retreat is a sacred container, where the work is deep and powerfully focused on you! During this time together, we go all in. There is supportive follow up care and the we meet back up in a month to ground even deeper. Together we will tackle one topic. One issue…one big challenge…one major block in your life…and explore it from the roots.

In this week, you will shed the stories, the patterns and the pain.
You will heal in the core of your being.
You will clear patterns that have anchored themselves into you, lifetimes ago.
You will  know, see and understand the Mythology of your Soul…and how it effects your life today.This experience is a chance to hear the invitation of your Soul.
The one that has been whispering to you your entire life.
You will take steps to become the person you have always known you were here to be.


I love this work.
It is how I answer the invitation of my Soul.
I know we are here to have an amazing human experience and I am here to assist people in stepping into theirs.
I am part explorer, part healer, part deep soul diver.
I am a poet and mystic.
I see into the roots…as they extend through the adventure of your soul.
I know your past lives, your ancestral patterns, your current life circumstances.
I hear the invitations of your soul.
I am able clear energy, the karma, the stuckness so that you can step into your wholeness.
I am also a powerful coach, guiding you in the creation of your Amazing Human Experience.

You will be guided, supported and loved every step of the way.
Having someone (aka, me) with you every step of the way is invaluable.
Doing this work alone is hard. And tedious.
We can’t see our own blind spots. We end up fighting ourselves as we try to create peace and freedom.

This work is intensive and sustaining it for long periods of time is hard and unnecessary. We don’t need to take 6 months to do what can be done in a one dedicated week of focused, intentional work together can accomplish. 

Here is how it all works:

  • We begin with a week-long virtual retreat…with incredibly supportive aftercare. 
  • We meet for 2 hour sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday…adventuring deep into the Wilderness of Your Being for big destruction, healing and creation. There will be 30 minute check ins on Tuesday and Thursday. 
  • After the week together there is a 32 day guided journey via email to help you bring what you experienced out into the world and woven firmly in your life. I will be there to help you every step of the way!
  • To wrap up there will be a 1 hour session to be used at the end of those 32 days in service to anchoring the experience even deeper.

I work Root to Core to Crown.

Each day we meet will be focused on a different energy.

The first session is the Root Work, which allows for us to see the origins of has been happening in your life and clear old patterns that no longer serve the incredible truth of your being.

The 2nd full session is where we explore the Core. It is where deep healing and shifting happens. Stories are released. Truth is embraced. It is here where you will begin to see and know your power.

Our final session is devoted to the Crown is where you bring forward your Whole Electric Self into your world…and explore how you are ready to live and create as you please.

The in between days are here to support you on your adventure. Helping you transition out of what was and into what is.


The cost: $1400

Payment plans are available.

This work is big.
To begin, I want to know more about you.
So let’s talk.

Fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you ASAP.
We will set up a time connect and we will get to see if this adventure is right for you.