My work is a call to liberation
A call to embody the creation of your human experience.
To shake free from the stories that bind.
To connect with the adventure your Soul has conjured.
To become.
Your amazing, wild electric Self.

A session is a dive.
Into your being.

It is a rising.
Into your fullness.
It is the chance to stand.
In your Self.
As your Self.

Each session you will have the chance to shake loose.
From a story.
A pattern.
A way of being.
That keeps you locked away.
From your Self.

Sacred destruction makes way for possibility.
Sessions build upon each other.
Offer greater depth.
Greater freedom.

You will discover the mythology of your Soul.
The story.
The experience.
The invitation.
We will explore what the eternal essence of You is seeking to experience.
To embody.
To become.

You will know your why.
We bring it into the world.
Into your life.
What does it mean to create as you please?
To embody your being with truth of your Self?
Plans will be hatched.
Lives will be lived?

Each session 2 hoursĀ of deep, wild healing.
Of clarity.
Of discovering the invitation of your Soul.
To exploring the mythology of your being.
To deep dive healing of patterns that keep you locked away from you Self.
From your adventure.

Each time you approach the work it will be different.
New facets will appear.
Each time.
You will feel into the roots.
You will heal.
And come into your Wholeness.

Sessions are interactive.
They are a creative experience.
Designed to bring you fully to your Self.
They require that you show up for your Self.
Tell the truth.
And allow for possibilities.

This work calls you to become.
Who you are.
Who you have always been.
To discover the wild fire of your essence.
To release the stuckness.
The notions.
The traps.
And stand up in your Self.

The sessions take place via phone or Skype.
– The cost is $350 for 1 session.
– $1200 for 4.


Send me an email.
I will get back to you and the magic will begin.


Ask away my love.
Answers await.


Healing Sessions with Jo Anna Rothman are like wormholes in the Universe — the fastest way I know to travel great distances with the greatest ease. My sessions with her have created cosmic shifts in my consciousness AND they work we’ve done has shown up in significant ways in my physical world. I am forever grateful.”

– Michelle Abend Bauman, Coach

If you’re ready to watch your life radically and positively shift before your eyes,
if you’re ready to open your world
up to possibility,
to love,
to goodness,
if you’re ready to discover that the life you’ve always dreamed of
is totally and magnificently within your grasp,
if you are ready to commit,
to open your eyes,
to feel the electricity coursing through your body
while it lights you up throughout your journey,
then Jo Anna is, without a doubt,
the person to help you do this.
She lovinging and effortlessly helps you to step into who you are
and gives you the secure foundation you need to live a life
full of pure, unadulterated joy.
Be ready to see magic happen before your eyes.”

– Gina Kimmel

Working with Jo Anna was a life saving opportunity for me. Just when I felt like I couldn’t go it alone, through a referral from a friend of mine, she showed up in my life and the level of support she provides is bar none. Jo Anna has been there for me through huge ups and downs in my life – right from relationship struggles, to huge wins on my dream projects. Her objective, to support me in living my dream life really gave me permission to start believing that I could have what I wanted. Every time I felt like I couldn’t get there, she would be there to provide what was needed, be it love, a listening ear, a kick in the butt – you name it. I don’t think I have met a coach as powerful as Jo Anna and I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with her again.”

– Muneeza Ahmed, Medical Intuitive