This is a call.
Into your Self.
This is a call into the fullness of your human experience.
Into the adventure of your soul.
Into the adventure you get to live.

This is a call of embodiment.
The embodiment of your truth.
Your being
Your life.

It is a call to stand in your wholeness.
This is a call to live life however the fuck you want.

You get this life.
This one.
You can spend in mired in stories.
Holding onto the pain.
The illusion.
The limits.

Or you can be free.
You can hear the Siren’s Song of your soul and follow it.
Into the mystery.
You can create a world from your pleasure.
You can know yourself as your Self.
You can become exactly who you are.

Are you ready?
To say YES?
To to call of your Soul?

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The work I do.
And the words I write.